Open Chabot Game Lab

Open Learning by Chabot Game Lab brings together game design resources and curriculum for a collaborative approach to STEAM and game design.

Chabot Open Game Lab Resources

VR Tutorials - Unity

Game Design Workshops - Middle/High School 

Middle School Syllabus + Schedule

✨ Game Design Topics

Topics - Introduction to Game Development

Lesson 2: GB Studio Intro + Video Game Storytelling + Character Design + 2D Sprite Art + World Design

Lab User Experience & Prototyping

Demo: Wiki #1-2 basics with dialogue and importing a map 

Mission #1 Worldbuilding

Mission #2 Make a Storyboard

Figma Storyboard Template

Lesson 3: Sound Production and Video Game Music + Programming

Lab Intro to GB Studio

Demo: Wiki #3, 4 Make a cat-collecting quest

Mission #4 Write Code on Paper!?

Mission #5 Move a Squirrel

GB Studio Cheatsheet
Github - GB Studio Assets 

Wiki - All tutorials on GB Studio

Lesson 4: Usability Testing

Lab Programming

Demo: Wiki #7 & Platformer demo
Mission #5.5: Conduct a Usability Test

Lab Platformer Demo

Lesson 6: Music & Final Project Showcase

Lab Series Finale

Wiki Start a game lab at your school

Final Mission: Final Project